Le CIRQUE photographs

The tragicomedy aspect of circuses and fairs in general, and the questionable freedom of the protagonists involved, demanded my use of the colour black. The darkness allows the voyeurism of the circus visitor. But everything is in a suspended state. No tricks, no spotlights, no colours, no sound, no people, no joy.

Three series of photo works originated within the series Le CIRQUE: Les Figurants, Les Attributes and Les Lieux.

Les Lieux are sometimes taken from 1:1 settings, sometimes from scale models. I knew about the great scale models in the attic of the Museum het Markiezenhof, which is dedicated to the world of circus and fair entertainment. There in the seclusion of the dark, they stand in suspended state, like myself in this black period, in pause.

Silvia B.

The Protagonists