The rat king is an unexplained phenomenon that has always triggered my imagination. In the series STRINGENDO there was finally a place for it.

Many theories exist for the mysterious intertwined tails of the rat king, like overpopulation causing crowded dirty nests or frost. Considering they have very handy hands, it’s strange they can’t untangle the knot. Röntgen photographs show broken and healed spots in the tails, meaning the rats live for at least several weeks like this. While not able to find food and not turning to cannibalism, they must be kept alive by fellow rats.

We look down on the rat, yet it is our favourite test animal, because it’s behaviour is very similar to our own. Every city is mirrored by an underground city with as many inhabitants, also living in families, with social codes and hierarchy. So what if rats are so much like us, they also have these typical human things like religion, rituals or punishment?

      • 2015
    • 110 x 83 x 71cm
  • taxidermied rats in Perspex showcase, on Formica base
  • Collection privé