La Dolores

Could tell you many things about this girl. For instance the way she hangs, curling her spine, still looking almost comfortable, is called a ‘meathook’ and is quite painful. The rope dancer I found willing to pose for me could hold it for barely a minute.

La Dolores was the first of the series STRINGENDO. All in the colour nude, because I felt the need to show vulnerability after the safeness of the black in the previous series Le CIRQUE.

She is my first sculpture to have a realistically painted skin. Because this series is not about worldly matters, but about very personal longings, growth, the love/hate affaire with expectations, restrictions, struggle for a freedom full of doubts.

The wooden legs were already carved 20 years before. Never finished that sculpture, but never forgot about it.

She was quite a complicated sculpture to make, with a lot of different crafts involved, finished in a record time for the competition for the Dolf Henkes Award.

      • 2014
    • 125 x 120 x 60cm and 98 x 55 x 27cm (total height variable)
  • mixed media on synthetic material 2x, leotard 2x, wig, eyelashes, stainless piercing, leather gloves, leg prosthesis, fishnet tights, satin dance shoes, sculpted wooden legs, leather ballet shoes, jute ropes, on Formica platform
  • Available from Studio Silvia B.
  • I am interested in this work