Lina & Luna

For STRINGENDO Silvia B. returns again to the world of theatre, in which man puts himself literally in the spotlight, this time she chose the world of dance. She takes the ballerina as a symbol for extreme civilization, always highly disciplined and hiding her pain forever behind a beautiful façade of perfection.

The rats that flank the dancers side, should seem completely inferior, being ultimately complementary to civilized man, while always living in the same numbers as we do and feeding theirselves from our waste. But they don’t, in the compositions of Silvia B. they have an angelic and pure appearance which makes them almost equal to the ballerina’s.

The staging of the two complementary characters sums up the drawback of human civilization.

from press release STRINGENDO gallery solo

      • 2016
    • 190 x 92 x 52cm (2X)
  • mixed media on synthetic material, human hair wig, eyelashes, leotard, tutu, taxidermied rats, ribbon, in Perspex showcase, on Formica base
  • Available from Studio Silvia B.
  • I am interested in this work