Art Rotterdam 2024

The booth of NL=US Art will show three artists – Silvia B., Esther Jiskoot and Preta Wolzak – who share a common emphasis on observing human behavior albeit from different perspectives and approaches. 

Silvia B.’s sculpted beings try to pave their way through the web of existential contemporary dilemmas. They move along the boundaries of genders, ages, (sub)cultures and species, wishing to build bridges between the cultivated reality and deeper intuitive and instinctive layers.

The latest series Entanglement stems from the balancing act of contemporary life. A series reflecting on both the drama and the joy of human life on earth in the Anthropocene. 

Esther Jiskoot’s sculptures exist between the primitive and the futuristic, layering a narrative of physical, psychological and spiritual displacement. Her artworks reveal mechanisms of survival, support and avoidance, serving as the artist’s own coping mechanism to reconcile herself with the complexities of existence, while inviting the viewer to introspect. 

Preta Wolzak pays homage to the known and completely unknown heroes of our times. Staged in bright and optimistic colors, they tackle major cultural, political and environmental problems and invite us to look beneath their shiny surface.

All three oeuvres show firm craftmanship in many disciplines while radiating a seductive and sensual feminine power. These artists push boundaries in colorful ways, unafraid to balance on the edge and even transcend that frontier if needed. We expect a radiant presentation with tempting stories about survival.