A sensitive and dedicated observer of behaviour and representation, Silvia B. denotes the schism between the constraints imposed by a cultivated reality and the deeper intuitive and instinctive layers that lie within us. The oeuvre of Silvia B. is an appeal to challenge these constraints and open the door to our innermost cravings and aspirations, revealing our secret and most imaginative self.

Silvia B.’s serene settings are reminiscent of the mirror in the fairytale of Snow White. Like a perfectly honed machine, the mirror boldly refracts the prejudices and bigotry lurking on the surface, revealing the coordinates of where true beauty is hiding.

Some shy away from the suturing experience of Silvia B.’s work. After all, her protagonists perfectly gauge where the spectator’s hardest doubts manifest themselves. This concern is unfounded. The possibility of genuine imagination and beauty freed from excluding and pedantic doctrines, is silently offered in all facets of Silvia B.’s work.

A potentiality that stretches beyond the boundaries of gender, cultural difference, the banal and the divine and even beyond the limits of life and death.




    • 2002-2004
  • U l t r a
    • 800 x 500 x 1000 cm
  • City of Groningen, RGD-Noord, Amstelland Vastgoed
    • 1994
  • Ode aan het Oude
    • circus: ø600cm and head: 60 x 92 x 93 cm
  • Rotterdam/Middelland