Female Contra positions

With Female Contra Positions, different positions that women are assigned to and/or assume are on show. Since it was always ‘his’ art history, hers has been largely ignored. In 2022 we can no longer exclude her position, her passions, her knowledge, her dreams, her secrets and her presence.

Heejsteck# project space is a new initiative by collector Jaap Sleper and artist duo V&B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker). In the restored haystack, at the 18th century farm De Grote Kuil, you can view the exhibition by appointment. The program of Heejsteck# will consist of exhibitions by contemporary artists in conjunction with the collection of Jaap Sleper.

The starting point for this exhibition is Kimberly Clark’s video, ‘Next Level’ from the collection of Jaap Sleper (which can also be admired under Jaap’s supervision in the monumental farm).

Works on show by Silvia B., Elsemarijn Bruijs, Kimberly Clark, Olga Fedorova and Yvonne Englander.