The first and up-to-date monograph on Silvia B.

This book documents nearly 25 years of work and contains over 200 full colour illustrations; published in conjunction with the retrospective show at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, November 2016 – May 2017.

As Silvia B. profiled herself as a multidisciplinary thinker from the very start, she actually took the on design of this book along with the concept, the photography and the editing. With her roots in fashion, she chose a magazine-look, yet a very luxurious variant. And with her curator background her desire was to create a book resembling an exhibition in which one could wander around.  She shows every series of work on its own selection of paper, alternated by quires of essays – again on their own choice of paper – throwing light upon her work from different angles.

With texts in English: preface written by the director of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Arnoud Odding, and essays by Dutch novel writer Marcel Möring, Dutch art critic Jaap Röell, Belgian art critic Anne-Marie Poels, Dutch art curator/writer Werner van den Belt, English researcher in the History of Design Sarah Cheang and international trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort.


  • Beautiful detailed studio and exhibition photography
  • Every series of work is printed on its own choise of paper
  • Relevant in-depth, illustrated essays accompany each series of works
  • Chronological catalogue with small full colour illustrations in the back
  • The making of sculptures in black and white photography

Publication Details

  • November 2016
  • Jap Sam Books
  • Essays by Arnoud Odding, Marcel Möring, Jaap Röell, Werner van den Belt, Anne-Marie Poels, Sarah Cheang, Silvia B. and Lidewij Edelkoort
  • Photography and Graphic Design by Silvia B.
  • Translation by Holden Text & Translations
  • English
  • 264 pages
  • 210 full colour illustrations
  • 330 x 230mm
  • Integral binding, medium hard cover, soft touch laminate, copper foil print
  • ISBN 978-94-90322-81-6
  • €49,00 ex shipping