We are all Entangled

Save the date: May 11

Museum W
Solo exhibition Silvia B. & Friends with Lidy Jacobs, Jochem Rotteveel, Rob Bouwman, Anya Janssen
May 11 – September 29 

Museum W in Weert is an enchanting newcomer in the realm of contemporary art museums. My forthcoming exhibition marks only the fifth solo, yet the museum has already been nominated for the Museum Award 2023. Housed within a beautifully renovated former town hall, and showcasing mainly religious artefacts, Museum W boasts four splendid chambers dedicated to solo exhibitions. 

Again I turned my solo into a group-exhibition – why stay alone if you can have a party???
I’ve curated guest artists for each room, offering a platform for my Entanglement series to engage in intriguing dialogues with their works. As they are all created in about the same time and context, these works are entangled too. And each connection illuminates distinct essential characteristics in one another. That is why it’s more interesting to me than a regular solo. I hope it will be for you too.

In the first chamber, my sculptures echo the lust for life and sensuality found in Lidy Jacobs’ large lace-like collages. Jochem Rotteveel’s forthcoming creation promises to dominate the space with a riotous burst of colourful adhesive plastic, embodying, as my creatures in this room, the yearning for freedom and the rebellious spirit of emerging generations. Rob Bouwman will create a mesmerising kaleidoscopic wallpaper, based on the glooming translucent color strands of his paintings, evoking nocturnal revelries, obscure temptations and ominous conclusion, reflecting the spirit of some of my blackened beings. And finally, I’m trying to make a new sculpture to be surrounded by Anya Janssen’s recent series of poignant paintings. They explore themes of life and death, showing us young contemporary Fates and inviting reflection on the profound absurdity of life’s brevity and the longing for transition.