Blanche Leblanc

People often wonder where the stuffed animals come from. I don’t do it myself, just the finishing touch. And FYI, legislation in the EU prohibits killing animals for taxidermy. Taxidermists have networks of zoos, animal shops and farms and colleagues to find their client’s wishes. Blanche’s papers say she is born in NL. Maybe in a zoo, probably in a lab. I don’t know. I do know she died young, her fur was not dark yet. I made her more blonde, using hydrogen peroxide, to make her look even less beastly. After all it is known that we like what looks like us. We are still social animals, just like she was. I wanted her to shine like a little diva, in a frozen moment of post mortem happiness.

      • 2008
    • 145 x 125 x 64.5 cm
  • taxidermied monkey (Langur), nail-polish, in Perspex display case
  • Collection Museum Voorlinden