Le Fou

Le Fou is sleeping in a museum room filled with delicacies, temptations, games and music from another era. He is part of the small series Les plus Beaux II. As Les plus Beaux I is a gang of young kids vibrant with desire, adrenaline and decadence, the kids of part II are caught after the party, at rest/sleeping/unconscious/wasted/dead. Their first show was at Ron Mandos gallery with Ruud van der Peijl’s photographs of young boys, frozen like mannequins, looking down on my boys being mannequins brought to life only to die again – a food for thought combination. Le Fou also featured in Stedelijk Museum Zwolle’s She/Me. Actually Le Fou is neither female, nor male, but a genderless kid. A kid that took its chances, but les yeux ne sont pas faits. Now its journey seems to have come to an end at Rijksmuseum Twenthe where he is adopted. And there on the rococo couch my little fool may dream on for all of us. Ars longa, vita brevis.


      • 2009
    • 165 x 165 x 75cm
  • mixed media on synthetic material, wig, eyelashes, underwear, shirt, 2-piece suit, leather riding gloves, leather sneakers, playing card, 'gold' necklace with medallion, taxidermied white python, in Perspex display case
  • Collection Rijksmuseum Twenthe