WORLDING- residency and performances

with painter/architect Caroline Bijvoet

and dancer (at Connie Janssen Danst) Yanaika Holle

residency January and February 2022

performances on Saturday night the 26th and Sunday afternoon the 27th.

Worlding, the title of this project, comes from Donna Haraway, biologist, philosopher and science historian, for whom the term means that the world and it’s creatures should not be seen as separate stories, but as each others context in which all are constantly developing with each other. Reading while developing my latest series of sculptures called Entanglement I ran into this beautiful word.

We were quite suddenly offered the opportunity to use the exhibition space of Een Kunstcentrum for seven weeks as our joint studio where we’ll try and combine our different disciplines. From the continuous process of responding to each other’s expressions, we will develop a short multidisciplinary event with dance, music, light, sculptures and paintings.

While Haraway finds hope in Worlding, we are now responding to the current situation of the world in a more apocalyptic set.

performance registration on youtube